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The world is watching.

Video Natives is a leading media owner and video network.

Whether via our premium owned media publications or via our extensive video advertising network Video Natives offers access to high volume, quality, multi screen video and a scalable solution to brand advertisers looking to increase brand awareness, engagement and customer sales. Our campaign management, optimisation and reporting delivers powerful results and return on investment.

We work with brands and agencies to create, plan and deliver campaigns that meet and exceed marketing goals. Our network is built on the world's best premium publishers, delivering at scale globally to your target audience with ease.

Online Video, by the numbers.

Online video works. Online video is growing. Video Natives works with brands and agencies to offer cost-effective ways to reach new audiences in innovative ways. Don’t believe us? Check out these figures below and see for yourself:

78% of people watch online video once a week, while 55% watch every day.
People expected to watch online video by 2016
Branded video content reaches nearly half (46%) of all internet users in the UK
72 percent of in‑stream online video ads are watched to their completions.
Social and mobile gaming video ads have a 91% completion rate.
Video ads are over 6 times more effective than print and banners.
Video accounts for 69% of traffic on certain networks
Audiences chose to watch ads 4.6 billion times in 2012
Bar graph demonstrating the growth of online video spend

Online video continues to soar.

Online video continues to experience a meteoric rise across the globe. Online video means that brand advertisers can target an audience online, delivering effective brand messages to them that deliver significant brand uplift and ROI.

For example, in the US, 70% of online adults say that they have watched some form of online video in the past month.

Be amazed.

Video Natives offers access to high volume, quality, multi-screen video. We offer a scalable solution to brand advertisers looking to increase brand awareness, engagement and customer sales.

Charts demonstrating satisfaction with online video advertising

Superior audience targeting.

In a recent survey conducted by AOL, when asked what area of their media plan they expected to increase spend on in 2014, 73% of media planners said preroll video advertising — far higher than all other digital marketing mediums!

When asked why, 73% pointed to better audience targeting, while 67% said that superior measurement were the key reasons for increasing online video spend in the near future.

Line graph indicating planned media spends in 2014

So, you're an advertiser.

Online video campaigns for well known brands have been proven to increase actual in-store sales by as much as 6 per cent and online video advertising campaigns typically have far higher click through rates than traditional banner advertising.

We know how to create, plan and deliver multi screen video campaigns that deliver results for brand advertisers at astonishing scale.

Safe as houses.

Our campaign management, optimisation and reporting tools deliver powerful results and return on investment for our video advertisers. Our network site metrics offer full transparency on hosting and we are able to track elements such as player size, audio and multi-plays, giving you full control over where you advertising appears. Our in-house optimisation specialists ensure that we always deliver the best performing campaigns for our advertisers too.

So, you're a publisher.

We are always eager to speak to publishers about how to maximise their inventory. We offer a simple advertising solution, connecting leading brand advertisers with premium multi screen video inventory and premium publishers.

Be amazed.

Our easy-to-integrate and custom built technology allows you to make the most out of your website inventory, while also utilising a seamless payment and reporting system.

If you are looking to increase your revenue performance while also serving video advertising for the latest and best ad-campaigns, contact us today.

Digital devices of various screen sizes
Film clapper board

So, you're an content creator.

As a premium publisher we are always looking to speak to content creators to discover how we can work together to maximise the earning potential of the content you have created. We offer favourable commercial relationships that are designed to reward you – the content creator – and to incentivise you to continue doing what you do best – creating great content.

You create, we monetize.

Our job at Video Natives is to help you earn the reward you deserve for creating powerful, engaging and entertaining video content. We do this by running exceptional brand advertising campaigns that you can earn significant revenue from. Contact us today to find out more.

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